Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Baby's Growing Up...

Yesterday mom walked into the living room where Aubrey was sitting on the couch with a phone and telephone book.  I thought you would enjoy the little conversation that ensued!  (Bear in mind that Aubrey was completely serious during this conversation!)

Mom:  Aubrey, what are you doing?
Aubrey:  I am calling the library to renew my books.
Mom: Here let me help you!
Aubrey:  I already found the number. I can do it.
Dials library number that she found in the telephone book herself.
Aubrey:  Yes, this is Aubrey Chmelar.  I need to renew my library books... actually, they are on my sister, Nicole Chmelar's card.
Aubrey: Yes.
Aubrey: Ok.
Aubrey:  Thank you! 

Friday, May 16, 2008


Beth was sick last night and it ended up with a trip to the emergency room via ambulance early this morning after vomiting blood. We roused friends all around Iowa, in Wisconsin and Oklahoma at 1:30 am to pray for the situation. The ten minutes waiting for the first responders seemed to take hours... but God was good. After multiple tests, xrays, blood samples, etc, we were told she had probably swollowed blood from a nose bleed and the upset stomach was something viral.
Thanks to everyone who prayed... we will never know the extent of what God really did early this morning. We believe it was a miracle! She is now resting safely at home after ten hours in the hospital!
God is still amazing!!
Our local first responders... leaving with our Bethie!
* * *

"He will give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dreams, Dolls, and Weddings...

Every girl dreams of many things in her future... but often those dreams are centered around two things.  Her wedding and babies.  Beth, Aubrey and our neighbor girl, Brianna, must have been in an extra dreamy mood the other day.  They played wedding outside... complete with the dress, veil and photographer!

I love their serious expressions... and the little kitten attendant!  *smile*

- Someday my prince will come -

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


and a few other random things that we've been doing!  We hope you enjoy this Ketchup Day and thanks again for your patience visiting!

Tulip Festival
May first, all of us girls went to the Dutch settlement of Pella, Iowa, to enjoy the annual Tulip Festival.  We watched the parade full of people dressed in Dutch costumes, enjoyed yummy food, and scouted out all the little shops down Main Street!

Our family recently grew by four:  three goats and one lamb.  Here's a little view of our trip to the sale barn to get them!!

My favorite red-head sister!!  
* * * 
PS. We are sorry to admit that our three goat friends didn't make it more than a month at our house.  I should say they were sick before they got to our house... and -sniff - they never recovered.  You might not want to come to our house if you are a goat.  We don't have the best track record! 
A Random Picture From Tiffany's Birthday!

Don't they make the sweetest couple?!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Due to logistical difficulties, the post on spring has to be postponed to the next day.
Thank you for your understanding!

-The Blogging Team

Monday, May 12, 2008

Coming soon...

... just what a Chmelar spring looks like!

Watch for this tomorrow! *smile*