Friday, January 25, 2008

Of Committees and Cherry Donuts

As a Chmelar, there are certain things you just do just because you are one.  You have an obsesion with Grandma Chmelar's chocolate pie, dip your grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup, and last but definately not least, you loathe all things cherry; chocolate-covered cherries, cherry-flavored cough drops, and topping the list, cherry-flavored donuts!

Two weeks ago, on our way home from a Republican central committee meeting, we bought a box of day-old donuts and hot chocolate to warm up.  I choose one donut, took a bite, and disgustingly tasted cherry.  "Yuck!"  I replace that, only to bite into another!  

Need I say more?!

:: My Un-tasty Collection ::

:: This is what you get when you put take five people out of a long meeting on a cold night and give them donuts, hot chocolate, and a love for laughs ::

PS.  I am happy to report that I did finally find a donut that I could really enjoy!


Lyssa said...

Too funny!!! After Tuesday night I think that we should create a blog dedicated to all of our random, in the car pictures;-) Especially the ones of Timothy. *winks*

The Chmelars said...

yes lyssa,
i agreee... we could have several contributors.
that would be blast!

Anonymous said...

hola tu chicos loco,no tiene gordo por favor
adios amigo
su amigas

Olivia said...

Haha I love the post! I hate cherry too... especially cherry cough syrup...yuck. I can think of worst tasting things though! Olivia

Anonymous said...

cherries aren't that bad,
(especially when there right off the tree) Tiff told me the story but it's even funnier with the pictures!!!
did timothy put the straw up his nose or did somebody push it there.
gotta run,
Bridgette Brenneman

Morgan Coy said...

real cherry is good. fake cherry...cough syrup BAD. =X ~morgan

Anonymous said...

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!

The Champ

goofy girl said...

I just can't wait till dance lessons. It will be so fun!
Grace-thank for the bundle of fun i had with you. we are sooo goofy!
Nic and tiff-you two goof-balls rock to! tell bridg i said hi!
Tim-it must have been realy boring sittin' outside that door all day, or was that chris?
chris-you have one of the goofiest voises ever. (just for you mickey i'm sighning my name) mickey-d hehe

p.s Them cherry donuts must a been awful.I mean tim had a stra of hot coco in his nose and chris's eyes look glazed. Tiff your just natruly um.... Tiff i guess.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad!! Cherry is my favourite fruit... :P
This post was funny!