Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Overdue Sprinkling!

Ok... so thank you all for your patient hounding. Yes, we are very very very very very (very into infinity) overdue on posting. I won't bore you with excuses... just post. I had all these really cool pics to post from the additions to our family... but couldn't find my flashdrive... get to the library, sit down, look in this one part of my purse and vwala... there's the flash drive. So I'm not sure what all is on there, so what you get today is a very random sprinkling of our life since... well, I'm not sure when. Enjoy!!
Chris and I took care of Dad's delivery business when he was gone in March. (Yes, I drove it!!)

What do you think... is this shirt green?!
This is the new and inovative way to keep close tabs on rowdy kids!

Wow, this is really digging back in the archives! We have about this much rain at the moment!!


Lydia said...

Hey Nic like the shirt!! :-)

~Tori~ said...

Yay! A new post! Looks like you all have been busy! I really like that picture of you, Nicole! You girls are so pretty! :-D

goofy girl said...

Love the new post!
So how many dent's did you put in you're dads truck??
Just out of curiosity. Remember right after you took the picture of the little dude in the back-pack, he squirmed right out of it!!! Too funny.
Love everythin' about the post!
Miss ya'll, see ya'll soon And last (but not least),
love ya'll

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time fo ryou to post again?......Oh! I guess we should post, too.....OOPS!
CFan you guess who I am? Our blog was up-dated one day before yours.

Anonymous said...

don't you think it's about time to post?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, it difinately is time to post!!!!!!

Amy said...

Your family is so much fun! I am so glad to know you! I hope that we can see all see eachother again this summer some time! Amy

~Tori~ said...

Please update soon!! :-D