Friday, September 26, 2008

The Summer's Last Hurrah!

The last weekend of September is always the Kalona Fall Festival... where we've been selling corn dogs for the past four years.  We were up and out early this morning to get the fryer frying the fried dogs.  K, that's really corny.  HEHEHE!!! ;)  I'll stop now.  

Here's what's happenin'

We gotta get ready cuz we have to take the stage tomorrow morning at ten and give an hour program.  Anybody care to come for moral support?!?!


Anonymous said...

Nic, you should be shot! You are not to be trusted with that camera;-) Yah, thats right. You know what pic I'm talking about;-)

Anonymous said...

chocolate popcorn?

~Tori~ said...

Looks like fun! Hope your program goes well!

The Great Excavation said...

Ya'll did awesome playin' at fall fest! Well, Okay:-) One minor detail... But what's a Minor detail?? It means nothin', Ithink...Right? TTYL, Mickey=p
P.s JK=)

FiveGreers said...

Cute pictures! I'm sure the tongue-sticking-out girl really appreciated that picture!
Chocolate popcorn sounds kinda odd, but I bet it's probably quite tasty. Most anything with chocolate is!
Singing-what's this? Your family SINGS, too? I never heard anything about THAT!
Blessings to you from southern CA!

Don said...

I would have been there if I could have.