Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sister day....

Today i got to spend the day with my AMAZING sister Nicole! Here's a look of how we spent the day
decorating (i mean who says you cant decorate and jam out to christmas music a day before thanksgiving...exactly)

                                                             random projects,

eating yummy food! 

but most importantly just hanging out,goofing off, making memories and enjoying the time we have together! Love ya nic!!!


tiff said...

im giddy with complete excitement. :D
good job grace. great job. seriously. cant wait to see what else you come up with. ;)

Mikaela said...

What the hotties you're blowin my socks off. love you!! awesome job sis. diggin your bloggin skillz someday i'll grow up and hope to be as awesome a blogger as you!!

Sarah Grace said...

you two are SO beautiful! I'm so glad you had a fun sister day! Love you Grace and MISS YOU! Sending you a huge hug! And tell Beth and Aubrie and Tim that I love and miss them all too!!!

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