Monday, February 23, 2009

One big random picture post

krista and tiff
tim eating a double decker something or other
tim remodeling the pantry

tiff's date
getting ready
valentines cookies

troublewe love you nicole!
the ducks enjoying a warm day in iowa

mom and aubs
ok so don't laugh at this random, profound, post... but nicole wanted to see photos of us. so here you go nicole!
for all the rest of you groupies... this week you need to vote chme up... or chme down...
Chme up= vote to keep this blog going and in working order
Chme down= cancel this blog and kill it because it's boring


Nicole said...


I miss you like crazy! Can't wait to see you in almost one week!!!

Thanks for the great pics. You didn't let me down.

(If you were always posting I would totally say Chme-Up!!)

the great excavation said...

What are you talking about working order??? This blog does not know what that is. JK... Well, I vote chme up if you could make a goal to post two picures every three days.... Am I voting stupidly? Cause lately I've been a lil' blond! Oh & we need to talk Tiffany!!! WHAT are you talking about? TROUBLE? There is no such thing!!! Are you dissing us, you are aren't you?!? Ok, you re not my friend any more. I can't belive what I just saw, I am now more thing.... I'm joking, I couldn't tell you not to be my friend if I tried. LOVE YOU, I miss ya'll tramendasly! You guys need to come see us! Love, Me

My Bright Corner said...


CHME UP..........


Olivia Coy said...

Chme up. You can't close the the blog. The world wouldn't know what to do if they didn't get a piece of the Chmelar's life every now and then! :D

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep the blog... but DO keep up the regular posts!! Seems I read somewhere about weekly random movie quotes... that type of thing!! =)

~Tori~ said...

Definitely Chme-Up! Just maybe post a little more often. =)

photozmom said...

CHIMED UP !!!! I check you guys once a day at least !!!! Love seeing the amazing things you guys come up with !!! Love you all !!!

Nikki said...

I Agree with the others though that you should post a little more often!