Monday, March 9, 2009

Gas Station Adventures Part 2

We had a major dejavoo moment after the boys' basketball game Friday night.  So get a mental picture of this...

It's 10:15pm.  A car full of tired and crabby people - we won't say who was who in this story.  With our gas gauge blinking on empty, I figured the responsible thing would be to pull into the dark gas station and fill up... right?!  Right -- well, ok.  All was right except the part of leaving the key turned so I could roll down the windows.

Ok.  How lame is it that less than five minutes of battery usage like that would drain the dumb thing and leave us stranded???
Stupid.  I KNOW!  Thankfully our friends from across the field had followed us.  So we jumped out to quickly fix the problem.

Ok.  So maybe it wasn't quite as quick as we hoped.  There were a few minor problems to overcome.  

First.  This precious Couch we were driving had collided with another unlucky deer two weeks prior which left the hood completely crunched in.  This isn't actually the problem.  The problem is that the new mis-match hood that replaced it doesn't latch.  Well, doesn't latch on it's own.  It's being held down by miles of wire which made it very difficult to untangle.  

Second.  Hours later - it seemed - when the wire had been untangled, we discover the hood had been jammed down in the latch to aid in it's security.  This posed a new problem which also took hours - it seemed - and many object hitting it to resolve.  

Only with the amazing help of strong, handsome men, were we able to get the hood up, the battery charged, the hood re-jammed and wired shut before going on our merry way.  

Go figure.  Just another day in the life!

Several hours - it seemed - into this tedious process, we remembered the camera in the car.  Grace took these two pictures before that battery died.

Go figure.

(Of course it's the only shot we have and I'm the only one looking like a total retard... oh well.)


Olivia Coy said...

Oh my word. You crack me up Nicole. Think on the bright side. Getting stranded made for a great {much needed} blog post, right?

Abbi said...

wow, that totally sounds like something that would happen to us!
Nicole, you have a knack for looking a little strange in pictures! haha!

My Bright Corner said...

Definitely the reason the vote needs to be



Ya'll make me laugh..........

tiff said...

oh honey you don't look retardid! just... mental. it's not so bad!

the great excavation said...

Retarded? =D Naw worse..... JK JK JK!!!!!!!! Don't come over here & beat me with a stick 'cause I said that!!! Well, I hope you get the not smiling but laughing miss victoria back & working!!! Silly guys! Bye, ~miss disney