Monday, July 28, 2008

Tea time is the best of times!

One of the best things to do on an over cast, cool day is to have a tea party. We decided to switch our tea party day to Friday since I have off. I happened to be randomly working for the Yoders this last Friday but made sure I was off in time for some tea. :)
Mom, Grace, and Aubrey, were home baking up a storm. (Beth had gone to work with Dad that day.) Mom put little flowers on the tops of all the sugar cubes along with making biscotii, rye bread sandwiches, and cheese patties.

A Mom's touch is the best!
Some people (no names to protect the guilty) get carried away.
Had to put this picture up. Grace took it. She's getting really good even on our little camera.
The lovely ladies. (Minus the camera girl, the china doll, and betty.)


Nicole said...

that is way too awesome! you don't know how much i would love to have some american food right now!
the sugar cubes are way to sweet-- that's our mom!
was wyatt and michael theretoo?

The Great Excavation said...

How fun !! thanks for helping me clean a baby-sit that day tiff! It looks like ya'll had a wontrifical party. Especially the sugar cubes! *big grin* miss ya'll... see ya'll in 24 hours... or somethin' like that!!