Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What the Chmelar's have been up to

Beth's Tenth Birthday! Happy birthday Bettey!
Tent revival meetings

Kid Fest with sheriff Dunbar

Laundry, laundry, and more laundry!

Farm Stuff

Lots and lots of bug spray. (To those of you who aren't in Iowa... the bugs are really bad!)

Setting up our pool!

Making music with new friends.
High waters

Send off parties for Nicole


Maddog Salamander said...

Happy Birthday Tiffany! I hope that the waters receded for your birthday. Your family looks wholesome and happy. Good luck with all that you do.

Dagmar said...

Happy Birthday dear!!! Looks like you guys have been quite busy!

The Great Excavation said...

Ducks, a pool, tattos, double digits, clothes...
..BUGS.. what more is there?! I will have to agree with you on the bug shin-dig thing! Looks like ya'll have had a fun but busy month or two. Love ya'll, Miss ya'll(badly) see ya'll soon(I hope!)

~Tori~ said...

Know exactly what you mean about the bugs...yuck! :-)

Looks like you've been up to quite a bit lately!

morgan said...

i didn't know you guys got a pool!!! can't wait to see pictures of you all and your bikinis!!!! [ know i am SERIOUSLY kidding about that!!!]

oh, tiff...did you get bangs???