Friday, August 15, 2008

Rodeo Sunday

Last Sunday was the Marion Ave. Baptist Church Rodeo. It was alot of fun being part of this big day.
The Grand Entry
Chicken Chase for the little kids
Bull riding for the brave young men.
Grace captured the fall. Can't see it to well. :)
And a good old fashion greased pig
This picture was just fine untill I posted it. Can any one tell me what I did wrong?!?
Water fights
Chris couldn't control his horse very well so i jumped on to try and help. This horse and I respect each other. He bucked me off once. And I slapped him. We're friends now. Kinda.

After a long day of being in the saddle some of us girls were TRYING to relax, untill some of the guys started cracking jokes, talking loud, and throwing the football. This 12 yr. old kid was asking for it. I almost caught him. :)
Between this kid and my brother Tim, we were all roaring!

It was hopeless. I couldn't ignore them. *shrug*


Anonymous said...

Fun Fun!!!!

~Tori~ said...

Rodeos are always so much fun! Glad to hear you had a good time! :-)

The Great Excavation said...

So I take it no one got badly hurt. Wether that was mentally or physically I don't really know...
sounds & looks like ya'll had a very good day. Love ya'll, miss ya'll(including Nic!) and...see ya'll soon..I think(or maybe I don't=/), Mickey

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tiff, you crack me up!! I love that little understanding you & the horse came to. Sounds just like me.... you buck me off & I slap you!! LOL!!