Friday, August 15, 2008

St. Louis Road Trip.

This weekend we are in St. Louis at a Reliv International Conference. Here are a few pictures of our trip so far.

This picture is weird. Didn't mean to put it on here like this and so weird. (pop quize for nic. where is this sign located?) this sign holds a special place in our families heart.
The sleepy head!!
A random picture from some where on the way

The arch.

St. Louis is a nice place to visit but not to live. Give me the country any day!

Aubrey had a lot of fun jumping on the bed when we got here.
You would have thought we brought the whole family:)
Go Reliv!!
Crossing the very busy street. (notice Beth is suspended in the air.)
Shake cups.
4 of the girls. (we miss you nic)
The most adorable couple in the you to the moon and back!!

Swimming in the hotel pool.

Keep it right here for pictures of a car rollin'. Yeah you heared me right. :)


Seth said...

Ah, fun fun! did you ride in that little thing to the top of the arch?

The Great Excavation said...

WOW!!! 18 Pairs of shoes. Can you say AMELDA?!! How long did Aubrey stay on tiff's shoulders? Love, Mik
P.s I can't keep up with all you rpost's! You are like Wacko-bananas;-)

Annie B. said...

18 pairs of shoes for 6 pairs of feet!?!
You Must Be Shoe Model wanna-bees!