Friday, August 1, 2008

Bike Riding

Last week Mom took us kids and two babysitting kids on the bike trail in West Chester. It started off well. We were all excited, the bikes worked, we had packed plenty of water, (or so we thought) and we were loaded up and ready to go. We went along just fine for about three miles when our bikes started giving us fits, people started getting cranky (no names to protect the guilty) and we were running out of water. I'll spare you all the details and leave it up to your imagination. So we turned around and drove/ walked/ drug/ our selves and our bikes back to the van. It was alot of fun to say the least and we made lots of crazy fun memories! Here are afew pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Paying the trail fee.
Our Mom is the bestest! She's such a trooper! We love you Mom!
Drinking lots and lots...
...and lots of water!

Me trying to take a picture of my shadow while riding. :/
The happy bikers! We had fun...
...but we were all to happy to see this sign!


The Great Excavation said...

That's quite the bike ride!... Memories are good..some better than others;-) Too funny! So tiff, You are'nt in the "happy people pic", does that mean you were grumpy? What can't I have a lttle fun with this post?=( luv ya'll

Olivia said...

Fun. We just went bike riding with our cousin last week!


Nicole said...

tiff -
i have only one thing to say...
you are rockin' this blog.
love you and miss you!