Thursday, December 27, 2007

An Afternoon Tea

While Tiffany has been working for the Brennemans, she has really enjoyed being a part of their Thursday afternoon teas. At their house, tea party day is always a big deal. Her stories have inspired the girls to get our own family tradition started. Unfortunately Tiffany and I miss out on the home parties. But this week while Tiff and I are home, we got in on the planning and partying!

A delicious soup - using Christmas lunch leftovers - was put in the crockpot and the baking began.

Grace made jelly and egg salad sandwiches... not together of course! *smile*

Tiffany tried a new scone recipe... which was delectible by the way! And I tried a suposedly great, fast fudge recipe... but it was nothing to write home about! (I guess you could say that it might have worked better if I would have used the right ingredients!) *smile*

The girls set the table with all the fancy finery...

The food was served up...

And the party began!

Thanks Mom and girlies for the great time!! I am so glad I could be home for the special tea party. I had so much fun and can't wait to do it again! Hopefully next time my fudge will turn out! *smile* I am so grateful for all the special memories God lets us make!

* * *
"A friend loveth at all times, but a [family] is born for adversity!"


Anonymous said...

hi girls,
adorable pictures. tiff, i love your dress! looks like fun and a lot of work. maybe we can come some time.
love you,

The Bontrager Family Singers said...

Absolutely beautifaull!! Sounds like fun.