Saturday, December 22, 2007

Due to the lack...

...of decent words-in-pictures, i will have to satisfy you with plain words.

We are all getting ready for Christmas around here... today was a furry of house cleaning, gift-wrapping, and last minute shopping! Our extended family get-togethers aren't until after Christmas. It is kinda sad, but we are making up for it by inviting friends over who don't have relatives around here.

Our dear friend and adopted brother, Don, will be here. It will be just like old times... it was only two years ago in October that we first met him at a church get-together. He and his brother, Peter, came to our house on Christmas day that year. Since then, we have had many great times together. Much to our dismay, Don has accepted a new pastorial position in Oklahoma and will be moving shortly after the new year. We are glad he will be spending the holiday with us.

The Blairs, a family we just met this month, are also coming from Newton. Tiffany and I were at an 1850's Christmas Ball with our homeschool group and met their beautiful red-head daughters! Since their families are out of state, they are joining us for Christmas dinner. We are so excited to get the know them better!

Hopefully I can soon have pictures to share with you of our holiday festivies! It's such an exciting time of year. A wonderful time to relive memories of the past and making new ones... like our 'Charlie-Brown-christmas-tree'. It rains down pine needles everytime you lay a finger on it. So all the gifts are covered with a seasonal layer of green... to bad they hurt so bad when stepped on! *smile*

Merry Christmas!

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