Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Country Christmas

We had the best of times yesterday with our new friends the Blairs. They drove to our house from Newton and spent Christmas day with us. Their family, Jeff and Cindy and children: Abriam, Auburn, Anabelle, Adalee, Amelia, Aliza, and Adison; were just to precious for words! Besides their beautiful redhair - which I can't help being partial to - they all had very sweet spirits and we found that our families have much in common. Here's a little glimpse at our day!
We had so much fun playing the hilarious game of Apples to Apples! The best part was watching the little girls try to decipher the words!

After several rousing ole' time dances, we had to step out onto the porch to cool off! (We decided we should get a head start on the New Year's resolution to excerise more!)

As much as we all were hoping for and 'dreaming of a' white Christmas, the pickin's were slim. But after a vote, we decided to don snow clothes and enjoy what white stuff we had. It was quite a scramble to find warm things for everyone, but we manged to bundle up. Immediately we girls were pelted with snowballs and a classic snowball fight - boys against girls - was in full swing. How the boys managed to win, while out number 3-1, we'll never know. I think if the girls could have had a better aim more often, the outcome could have been different. We did try to take the advantage by getting up on the chicken house roof, but it didn't seem to help us too much! Oh well, it was still a smashing good time - no pun intended! :)

After a supper of lunch warmed-up, we played a short round of Balderdash, with Tiffany and Don winning... only by a very small margin tho! :) Adalee and Anabelle played violin for us - and very well I might add - and then their family sang the sweetest Christmas song to us before leaving. Their smiling faces were such a blessing to watch!

We were so grateful to have spent the day with such a precious family and are looking forward to many more times together soon! Love you guys!

* * *

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you!"


Don said...

Thanks a lot, guys, for the great time, delicious food, fun games, and wonderful Christmas present! Hopefully we can get together again before I move to OK.


Gehman Photography said...

Hey you got your computer to post pictures.
Looks like a fun Christmas. We miss you and look forward to next week. Trust me this poor house has been through a very hard week. But my sweet husband is keeping it vacuumed . :)