Sunday, December 30, 2007

Random "Hello"s

Just wanted to say hello to some of our very good friends who are frequenting this blog... and are feeling left out of the fun! *wink*
Peter, thanks for stopping by. You know who you are. Thanks for the good times. Thanks for the memories. We all miss you and wish you would come home for a visit!
To our hilariously fun cousins: Jamie, Kara, Jodi, Jason, Marquell, Janae, Baby A, Baby B, Christina, Rick, Amber, Sadie, Kayla, and Anna... thanks for the great times today. I just don't know what we would do without you... and everyone else of course! We love you all over and over and would choose you for our family any day! (Ahem...don't forget to comment!)
And of course hello to all our other friends who visit this up-and-coming blog... may all your days be filled with chocolate kisses, low gas prices and warm sunshine!

PS. Cuzs... Thought you'd like to know that I got me a dancing partner - thanks for the worries! :)


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog site!! =) You guys are such an awesome family!

Janene said...

Yay for finding someone :) It was way fun catching up with you guys again!