Monday, February 18, 2008

Another List

:: You Know You're Doing Better When ::

  • You start feeling like a caged animal and actually begin to pace like one!

  • Out of bordom, you search for new and inovative ways to beautify yourself -- like red polka-dotted toes!!

  • Stuff hits your funny bone in a way that makes you want to laugh at everything... even sometimes until eleven at night.

  • Your mom says your 'Happy Eyes' return.

  • You actually start caring about what's going on in the world beyond your own little couch.

  • You get dressed... out of pajamas I mean!

  • Mom finally lets you eat that Valentine's candy that's been screaming at you from your dresser since Thursday.
  • You at last break that Tylenol addiction... yeah! I made it one day!


Anonymous said...

Good lands Nicole!!! I do hope that you stop feeling like an animal and more like human;-) And I love the toes, but I can't believe you didn't do green instead of red!!

Have a happy 'not so sick' day;-)

The Champ

Anonymous said...

how do you know it was nicole who posted this?!? just wondering? you can never be to sure of yourself. i mean i don't even know if i really know who the champ is. :)

Olivia said...

Oh how sad but true. I hate being sick. Glad you all are feeling better. Olivia


i know all about the whole tylenol addiction you get scared to stop take in fear that you will feel like a pile of poop again
love ya Brandt

Anonymous said...

Oh, but I can be sure of myself!!! I know exactly who I am;-) And I think you do too!!!

Brenneman, I'm so proud of you!!!!

Me and the B/F can't wait to hang put with ya'll soon;-)

The Champ