Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Last Time...

We just can't leave that wonderful subject of what I will dub, for lack of a better term, California Week. As we mentioned, we followed the guys to Ames on Friday night, but first spent the afternoon with our absolutely amazing and out-of-this-world friends, Rachel, Abby, Elizabeth, and Anna Short. It was an very cram-packed, fast-forward-speed day, but it was well worth getting home at one thirty that morning!

Thanks for the fun dears! We love you all so much!!


Eating Papa Murphy's pizza very snuggly on the circle bench... way fun!!

Tiff and I with Rachel...

Our wonderful, half hour, shopping trip at the booming, mega-mall, Jordan Creek Town Center. Yes, Chris is just slightly, very slightly, out-numbered! But he was such an amazing sport! Yay you, Chris!!


Stay tuned for more pics and stories to come in the near future when Tiff and I go spend the night in Des Moines with Rae and Abby... first order of business is to shake this disease! *wink*


Anonymous said...

hi sweeties,
we had an out of this world experience with you too! can't wait to see you soon. get better fast, OK?
love you so much,
rae & abs

Anonymous said...

Boy, Christopher!!! You look you died and went to heaven in that pic!!!

The Champ

Anonymous said...


Snapped-It said...

"Died and went to heaven" Lol!

Hey Chris, your not the only one that finds himself hanging out with all girls.... :)

goofy girl said...

Hey, hangin' out with girl's (or in my case boy's) realy isn't that bad. I meean Timothy realy like's getting beat by the girls at snow tag. The girl's as in Grace, Beth and me. Thank you all so much for a Fantabulas day. I think I found my 2nd family!!!
Ya'll Rock!!:-)

Anonymous said...

yippee! i'm famous! i'm on the internet