Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Braid

Tiffany recently checked out a book from the library on 'Braids', Grace was her practice-client!

Ready... Set...


Tiffany is now ready for business!


Snapped-It said...

Well Tiff, looks like if your hair styling business ever go's out you could move right over into the singing business! ;)


Love Brandt said...

i dont know this person and hope i never meet her

~Tori~ said...

Hi Chmelars!

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! I appreciate it! :)

I've enjoyed looking over your blog! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun! I'll be checking back frequently! :)

God bless,

Bridgette said...

Brandt did not mean that a tiny little bit(I hope).
Bridgette Brenneman ~who loves her nanny~

goofy girl said...

Wow Branner's you are really sweet!!! And also it's your lucky day! you just got yourself a month (or 3)suply of her. where do you get the love in front of brandt? Bridg, you make up for it.
So... I went to MO with plain red nails...came back with red, and orange & white polka-dot's on top of the red.
Tiff, can I go into business with you?!?!? I want to go to cosmetology school when I'm older.
luv ya'll!!

morgan said...

Every year at our county fair, little girls come up to me in the balcony in the swine barn and ask me to braid their hair. So, I've become inventive with ways to do it...I use a single bobby pin bent out of whack, as the comb, and usually do backwards french braid b/c it stays longer. They look a lot cleaner once I'm done with them, that's for sure. I think I'm going to charge a dollar a head this year, b/c the booth down from the barn is charging $5 a head, and your hair has to be clean. Not so for me... =P

Anonymous said...

What a nice plat!! How's it done? I like my hair done up in braids...

The Chmelars said...

seth: thanks for the idea about the singing buisness. i might just have to try it.

brandt: (better knowen as 'best driver in the state of iowa on BAD roads') i know you and you know me. :-)

bridge: your to sweet! love ya girl!

tori: we like your blog also!

goofy girl: yes you can go to school with me. oh wait... i might have to wait til you are alittle older. :)

morgan: i think you should start charging. i'll be your sales manager. :)

gem: you start by putting your hair in a inside out pony tail. next you split the hair into three parts and then braid each part. you connect all three parts with a pony tail holder and flip up and secure with a clip or bobby pins. enjoy!


goofy girl said...

We'll Tiff, there is a cosmetology
school for 14yr olds on up. Or somthin' like that in illinois. I think it would be fun to go to.