Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Please Pray

On monday night Nicole came home not feeling the greastest,the next day we knew she had some kind of we would really appreciate the prays for here recovery.I love you Nic,your lil sis


Snapped-It said...

ah, the BUG! about everyone here has had, or has it. Other then dad and I. We will pray!


Anonymous said...

We just came home from most of the week in the hospital, so believe me, we know about these nasty bugs!!! Cheers, and get well soon!


Nate Pache said...

Cursed Bugs, I hope you get better, well, that is just a subjective term isnt it?

Anonymous said...

So sorry we are such sharing
folks:( We love ya so we couldn't keep it from ya'
The Yoder's

Goofy Girl said...

Howdy, I had so much fun with ya'll and can't wait to do it again. The chocolate ya'll gave me is great for midnight cravings. Or an afternoon snack.
Grace, what do ya mean the whole story...*looks around innocently*
No I'm not shore there is a whole story other than Tim stepped on my feet 4 1/2 times (the half means clobbered them). Couple other things too. Now, whoever is healthy stay that way, whoever is not healthy um...well, get better.
luv ya'll and remember STAY HEALTHY. I will pray for you.

The Chmelars said...

thanks for the prays...nic is doing much better!! luv ya girl,grace

Goofy Girl said...

Okay, it didn't hurt that bad, I just like to tease him about it. Oh, and now were not the only one's to be so kind as to share the "Bug" as every one calls it. bridgette has it to now too. Now I have another person to add to my prayer list. You keep getting better, and those of you who aren't sick stay healthy. Mickey=D

goofy girl said...

I suppose now that Nic is better someone will get worse...
luv ya too gracie

goofy girl said...

oh, by the way i'm going to Nate's blog.

goofy girl said...

what's Nates blog name???