Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More on the guys...


So yes, we had so much fun viewing Kalona through the eyes of a new person. We showed the guys all the "amazing attractions" the Amish town has to offer, laughed over hilarious signs, introduced the guys to all our friends we happened to run into throughout the day, and fit lots of great conversations in between! I know I shared some pics yesterday, but couldn't resist a few more!

:: Peter, Sam and Chris riding the stationary bull ::

:: This sweet newborn calf enjoying Sam's fingers ::

(sorry Sam, I couldn't resist! *smile*)


We were sure to teach the guys all about the 'good stuff' while at our house. Stuff like John Deere tractors being the only kind to drive and that the Iowa Hawkeyes are the only team to cheer for in Iowa!

Chris bought the guys Iowa gear so they could go home in style! (Note: this great gear was given deep in Cyclone territory... for our out-of-state friends, the Cyclones are the Hawks biggest in-state rival!)

The guys taught us a few things to... like how huddling is the only real way to make a team decision! (This was a common scene when they were trying to decide things! "Huddle!!"


We were really encouraged by the godly example of Nate, Peter, and Sam while they were in our home! They displayed many acts of service, thoughtfulness, and brotherly love. It has already made a visable impact on our family and for that we are grateful!

Peter and Sam doing dishes after one of Mom's great breakfasts!

Peter stole Aubrey's heart while they were here. It's amazing what happens when a young person gives a little one some special attention. It only takes a couple stories or encouraging words to grab their hearts!


Wednesday night was when we pulled out our favorite games like Apple to Apples and Guesstures. (What's not 'bear' about this act?! *smile*)

In our highly competitive family, games like these can be stressful...

...but always full of laughs!!


- Mary - Nate - Peter - Nicole -

(Our little China reunion)

While following the guys to Ames where they shared about Bring Me Hope on Friday night, I was so excited to meet up with one of my roommates from China last summer, Mary Yoder! Ohhh, what a joyous reunion! Love ya, girl!

* * *

Well... there is so much more I could share, like all our code words for the week: "BRIDGE", "Guaranteed to work!", "Huddle", "The core issue!", "Uhh... you know... yeah!"... and so on. But we better quit for now. We are so grateful that God brought Nate, Peter, and Sam into our lives and home! They have such a heart for God and it showed... not in a preachy-sorta-way, but rather, 'He's-my-life-so-I'll-live-it'!

It's our prayer that we can be such an encouragement to those we meet. Thanks again guys, and remember, our door is always open!!! You never know when you'll be driving through the neigherborhood!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Pictures!
it looks like you had an Awesome time.

Snapped-It said...

Ah, sounds like y'all had a good ol time!

I was just looking at old pix and came across a few when your Dad, Christopher, and Timothy came to our place.....everyone was Small!! :)

Nate Pache said...

hahaha, sorry guys, I will have to clarify the whole kalona bar issue rapido, oh, and sorry I have been inccomunicado on the phone, i got back and believe it or not, hahaha, went to the doctor and found our I had two infected ears and bronchitus hahaha, God is good, he caught it in time, we miss you guys!

Nate Pache said...

Also, I feel like the spelling of TOR has a bit to do with my terribly exact NJ accent, or am I just mistaken, hmmmmmm

The Chmelars said...

nate, we miss you alot to!!!
wish you could be here to injoy the snow:)hope you can come out to iowa again soon...tootle,grace

The Chmelars said...

hey nic and aubs... i thought that was the hillary clinton look! :<)

tribeof12 said...

Hi, Nicole. I had a great time with you this weekend. Both you and your Mom are always fun to be with!! I enjoyed our talks and the challenges of life and what Christ wants for us.

Could you please give me the blog sight of the family we were listening to on the CD? I forgot to get that from you, but, I'm going to buy it ASAP! What beautiful voices they have. Truly talented. Lesa, aka. Mrs. Williams

Goofy Girl said...

Way to funny!!! I was just watching the video of when we asked you guys to take Ballroom Dancing with us. you guys are too funny. it was so fun last night and I hope it's just as fun tonight. Hey, and maybe Timothy won't step on my feet as often... (Hehe) I think my toes and leg's still hurt.

The Chmelars said...

my my tim did not tell me the "whole story!!!" i can't wait for tomorrow:) know it will be a blast:)you poor dear to have to suffer another whole day with the chmelar kids:) maybe tim won't spy on us so much...wink
love ya sis,gg

The Chmelars said...
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morgan said...

FYI Nicole- I think we have the same cream vest! Did you get it at Old Navy???