Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sick Lessons

'The sickness' continues to ravage our house... from what I hear, bugs of all types are plaguing the country. We have strong reason to believe that we don't have just a common bug, but rather something terrible that goes under the title of 'ParvoVirus'; or in laymen's terms, 'Fifths Disease'.

I am happy to report that from much mothering from Mom, loving assistance from the kids, and lots and lots of prayers from friends literally across the country, I am feeling rather on the mend. The sad part of this report is that Tiff has it. Beth is tettering on the edge. Prayers for them, and the rest of the fam for that matter, are forever appreciated!

Tiffany and I enjoy sitting down and listing out different aspects of what we are experiencing at different times of our lives. Here's one list that we came up with this evening. Watch for more to come soon!

* * *
You Know You Are Really Sick When:
  • You close your eyes and dream of ways to really truly blow, and I mean blow, your nose
  • The highlight of your day is taking a shower
  • You've been in pajamas for five straight days
  • You are so tired you 'nap furiously' all morning, noon and night
  • You realize the world really doesn't end if everything on your schedule doesn't get done.
  • You know that you really have the best parent/sib set in the whole world!


Olivia said...

How true. I hate being sick. Last year I had bronchitise so my sister banned me from sleeping in our room or even coming upstairs. She was determined not to get sick! Hope you all get better soon. Olivia

goofy girl said...

I didn't know it was realy possible to dream about blowing your nose! God has a way with dreams. And I thought that I was done with my "Bug" well, it came back today I have a sore throat, stuffed nose and feel like "Crap" as Nicole put it. God bless you (in 2 ways) Mickey=D