Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, happy easter to you and all your family! I have been thinking a lot the last two days about what it really means that we have been redeemed by God Himself! I guess I was really inspired to appreciate this even more after we watched the movie "The Sin-Eater". I would really really recommend this to all of you older readers. Viewer discretion should really be considered for younger kids because of scenes of peril and violience. I won't tell the story so it's not spoiled for you, but I will just say it is a moving story of how one cove in the hills discovers that Jesus Christ is our only Sin-Eater. It is one of the best movies I have watched in a really long time.
We are off to spend the day with our friends the Blairs... should be a real blast. Click here to see our last holiday together!
Also just wanted to quick let you know that we will be absent from the wonderful blogging world for this next week. Us four older kids are going to something called TeenPact in Des Moines. It's a class to teach kids a Christian worldview in government. I can't go as a student cuz, well, I guess you could say that I'm a little too, well, um. Ok, I'm too old. That's alright though. I've not had to do all the homework that comes along with the prep stuff. So, yay for being old!!!
Hopefully we'll come around with pictures soon!
Have a great week!


~Tori~ said...

HAPPY EASTER to you too!! Hope you have a blessed and wonderful day! :-)

Hope you have a great week in Des Moines - looking forward to pictures! :-)

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I demand a new post!