Saturday, March 29, 2008


So here's what's been happenin' to us the last week. This is just a sampling of the dozens of pictures we took. Stay tuned for more and also visit Nicole's blog to see even more exclusive pictures not shown here!

Lots of laughter

The two governor candidates answering questions

The Representative candidates answering questions.

Tiff was Micheal's campaign manager... he didn't win, but for sure next year.
Some really obnoxious, loud, fun game with lots of screaming, chopping and laughing.
Speech class

It was a little hairy getting back to the camp everyday. We seemed to take a different route each time. Tiff and Micheala trying not to be side-seat-drivers. Ahem.

Me, just trying to get us back. And yes, I did everyday!

Turn here??

We met this adorable girl the first day of TeenPact and found out that she already knew us!! She reads our blog, which she found through our friends. Shabana was really fun to be with and we just had to let you all meet her!Hi, dear! Thanks for the fun!
The staff guys
Walking to the Capitol
* * *
Disclaimer: We apolgize for any photos that lack picture quality. The camera has been having issues lately. Sorry.


Olivia said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to see more pictures! Olivia

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I'm glad that you made it home safely!! It was SO much fun officially meeting you! I hope to see you soon and keep in touch!!!!!

~Tori~ said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! Glad to hear you guys had a fun time and a safe trip! :-)

goofy girl said...

I'm like famous!!! woo ho.
It was a fantabulas week, ya'll are doin' it next year right?!?
I think I've grown attached to ya'll, you are like my sister's and brothers now. can't wait to see you chmelar's again soon. Love the pics.

Lydia said...

Hey, looks like fun!!.....great pix!
aren't those subs great!! we got one for Amos' birthday lunch in December...:-)

Sam_got_blog said...

It was fun meeting you all this year. nice pics too!

Sam_got_blog said...

I just noticed that I was in one of the pics.

goofy girl said...

I really like the picture of us girl's in polka-dots, and the one where we were trying to be side-seat-drivers.
You guys really should show the people that read you're blog some more pictures of what we did at Teen Pact...

Love ya muchly...(At least I think I do)
(I'm just kidding, I really do love ya'll)

Dagmar said...

The TeenPact pics are awesome! I CAN'T wait till next year!