Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As many of you know, I was in China last summer spending time with orphans in Beijing.   I am so excited that God has opened doors for me to return this summer!  I am asking for your help though.  As you can imagine, the kids can't get to the week long summer camps unless there are funds to support them being there.  It costs $250 per kid for one week.
Last year, my friends at Bring Me Hope - the organization I went with - had this really cool fundraiser to send the kids to camp.  They had the first ever Night Walk... where Americans - and even a group of Australians - walked for one hour, with a big group of orphans in China walking at the same time.  What was so cool was that before we started the big walk, all the walkers got onto a live conference call and got to hear each of the kids in China say in English "Hi! My name is _____.  Thank  you for walking with me!"  It was so precious!  
Sooooo, where you all come in.  I am helping my friends from Bring Me Hope, David and Kristen, with planning this year's Night Walk.  All over the US and even in Australia, there will be people all walking at the same time, according to their time zone!  I am asking you if any of you would be willing to walk with your friends and family in you area, to raise money for the kids to go to summer camp.  I would really appreciate the support and I know if the kids could say so, the would be grateful.  For a lot of these kids, camp may be the only place they can go and be shown and told that they really matter!
And as you think of  possibly being involved, don't think that you have to do anything really big.  I mean, last year I just did it with some of my siblings and a friend who was staying at our house.  Every small part helps!
If you would like more info, you can email me at misschmelar@iowatelecom.net
Thanks again!

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Annie said...

My brother and sister-in-law went to China with BMH last year. I think I remember they were there for two weeks. I wonder if they were there at the same time as you. Their names are Tom and Dorinda. They are also going again this summer. Also, my (at the time 6-year-old) son went on the Night Walk with my mom last year. We live in Fallbrook (home of BMH headquarters), so there were quite a few people at the night walk. I am praying that this years Night Walk is at least twice as successful as last years.