Monday, March 10, 2008


Let's help our fellow homeschoolers in California!!  This petition the Homeschool Legal Defense Association has written, asks the California courts to 'depublish' the ban on homeschooling in the state.  Click here to sign!
I know we'd want this kind of help from friends all over if our we were facing this in our area!  So let's return the favor.


~Tori~ said...

We have signed the petition - isn't this so horrible?? I can't even begin to imagine what those homeschoolers are going through in California - we definitely need to PRAY!

Annie said...

Being a homeschooler in California, I can tell you we all really appreciate your prayers and support by signing the petition. I found your blog through Christy's blog (I have often praised God...) and I am really enjoying reading it. (Side note...I grew up friends with Christy and her family.) It is so refreshing to read a blog about a homeschool family. I was homeschooled all the way from pre-school through high-school and I loved it so much (and think it is the right thing to do) that I am homeschooling my kids. (Just so you know...if you visit my blog you won't see or read anything about homeschooling. I haven't felt safe enough yet to post anything about it, seeing as we do live in California. ;)