Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Brennemans!! (My second family)

Meet the Brennemans... for the last eight months I've been a nanny for them. From day one, I've loved my job. Everyday is an adventure and with the kids-lots of kids- life is never boring. The funny things they say and do keep me rolling on the floor. I love the great talks with the older kids, which are very intense and somewhat heated at times. I've learned a lot from Mrs. Brenneman about cooking and other household stuff. All the way around, it's been a great experience.
So I thought that after eight months, it was high time you meet them!

Matthew - A little heart-robber

Brock - The walking, talking poultry encyclodpedia

Brianne - The family hugger

Bridgette - Miss Drama Queen

Brooke, Bronwyn, & Brian - The Three Musketeers

Brandt - The best driver in Iowa on snowy, wet, and muddy roads

Brielle - My buddy... sometimes
* * *
I'm sorry to report that I will be leaving them at the end of this week. But don't think our good times together are over because somehow they've managed to get in my heart.

I love you guys!!!


~Tori~ said...

They look like sweet kids! :D


We are most of the time, I must say that tiff saved my butt last summer and I have enjoyed every day that she shows up and makes my life that much easier. I will miss pickin on her and all the help she does around here and the good times that we always have when she is here
Love Brandt

Anonymous said...

Sweet! And they are all fair! I love fair hair... :) (of course, I like dark hair also, mine is, but it's a nice change...)


hey i'm dark

goofy girl said...

YES!!! I found a computer that work's!!!
Believe me Tori, they very very sweet kids. I've known them since before I was born...I didn't know that until two years ago when Bridgette told me I was in her baby book!!! I miss you Brenneman's sooo extremely much and I can't wait till the day I get to see ya'll again!
Much love to all!!!( brenneman's & Chmelar's) God bless ya'll, Mickey=D
P.s I'm really exited for Tuesday, I think we should have a air soft war. Yes, I know, even though I have 4 big red spot's all over my body from air softs I want to do it again. 2 from Alyssa & 2 from Brandt...(Hehe)

Seth said...

ah, good to see pix Tiff!

Bridgette Brenneman said...

That is the most awesome post ever!
Thank you for being the most wonderful nanny ever!
We will miss you very VERY much!=D
With lots and lots of love,
Bridgette Brenneman.