Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Curly Mom

About two weeks ago, Mom got her hair permed. We just had to share these fun pictures of her. One of the many things I love about my Mom is that she is so young-spirited! We have so much fun with her! She is one of my best friends and my biggest cheerleader. She always tells me I can do it. And in those times when I don't have the faith to hang on, Mom stands in the gap for me and believes for me. And yes, there are times that we butt heads, not always agreeing, but she's still my mom and I love her a lot! I am so glad God gave her to me!

Love ya, Mom! Thanks for all our good times!
~ ~ ~
PS. I thought of another random/weird thing that should have been a part of that list we did a couple days ago. When Tiff, Mom and myself are out together, people often mistake us as sisters. The best part is that once someone thought Mom was Tiffany's daughter!! BIG smile!


Seth said...

Fun! Tiffany the mom!?? Lol!

At the store Phoebe (who is 5) always get told "go ask grandma if you can have this" or "so your out shopping with grandma!?" :)

~Tori~ said...

How fun! Love the perm! :-)

How funny people mistake you as sisters! :-D

Bridgette said...

Remember when you, Annie, and I were shopping and a lady thought that you were our mom? That was funny!

Lots of love,
Bridgette Brenneman

The Chmelars said...

i don't know if that was suppose to be a complement for mom or a slam at me, maybe i just have such a motherly heart, or maybe the truth just hurts and as nic says 'i have motherly features'. :/